This Must Be the Place.

(All due credit, first of all, to my colleague Eric Yevak for making the promotional banner above. His portfolio is here. Go look.)

As I said before, this post is all business. Namely: I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to show at a lovely one-night art extravaganza called THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. A hefty number of fellow MCAD MFA students are in the line-up, all gathered under the open banner of “works on surfaces.” So paintings? Yep. Drawings? We’ll have ’em. Prints? Yeah buddy. I’m loathe to say that it’s a drawing, painting, and printmaking show, however – for one thing, that involves speaking on behalf of others that might not feel good about that label. But for another thing, I’m more excited about the variety of items that are going to be in the space than what they’re on, the depth and breadth of talent that we’ll be able to show everyone for this one night.

Basically, it’s art salad. Scratch that; it’s an awful metaphorical turn of phrase. But you get the idea.

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE is on Saturday, March 7 and is from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. A pretty rad dude called M A K E B E L I E F is performing at 8:00 p.m. I always have a not-so-irrational fear that no one is going to show up, but then I shoot myself in the foot by never telling anyone what I’m doing. So consider this your invitation: come. There will be food. There will also be kind, talented people and jams. What more could you ask for, hm?

(For those looking for photographs of my work: ha ha ha, saving that for next week, which will probably be pictures of me gesturing to my paintings at the show and going “???????” in the general area of my face.)

On fallow time.

Being busy and not writing in this blog are not mutually inclusive. That is to say: although my life’s been a whirlwind, I’ve still scheduled time to write here – and yet, nothing has come to pass. What I usually do when this happens academically is that I allow myself to freewrite, to meander through things I actually want to say in the most blunt way possible and either get the stink out or take that fruit and make something a little sweeter from it. So today’s missive shall be that.

There are important things I need to tell you, of course. I have a show coming up. You’ll hear about it more, invariably as I attempt to pull something from myself and show it amongst my very accomplished peers. But that will come later. My writing is a-shambles now, and I’m going to work on it.

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