It’s too good to be true!

Welp, tiny unexpected blog post to say that, due to a bunch of technical brouhaha, I’ve had to temporarily disable Stripe from the Big Cartel shop. Key word is temporary: I know how easy it is to shop with just your credit card, and I don’t want to inhibit your patronage. If anything, it’s a good problem to have: new Stripe account + tons of excited folks = funds indigestion, and I can’t get my disbursement. With money in limbo, I don’t even have the funds to actually ship anything, which just holds everything up. Bummerino for everyone!

However, once the first disbursement goes through, we should be off to the races, so while we wait, I’ve decided to hold a little incentive: between now and May 11, there will be free shipping on all small works and prints in the shop. No codes, either – you just pay what you would otherwise and check out via PayPal. Consider this my thank you for your courtesy and understanding during this inconvenience, and everything will be back to normal next week.