The title betrays itself: I’m in the final stretch of my program, paddling wildly upstream yet miraculously gaining ground despite the resistance built into this time of the year. I’ve already given my thesis proposal (different from defense); the tone and tenor of my practice is starting to settle into a mission statement instead of a crazy quilt. I’ve even started making thesis work: Depersonalization as Escape Behavior is the first in a series that reflects on the internalization of mental health made external, titled The Psychodynamic Sequence. And it’s only coming quicker after that: a performance in March at our annual Open Studio Night, with Commencement following in May.

To reflect all this chaos (and, to my gratitude, solidification), the portfolio’s undergone a big update. Not only has my latest project been uploaded, but so has – for the first time in two years! – my artist statement and contact information, as well as a lovely new portrait in my biography. (Thank you, Rik Sferra.) New to the website is my growing arts writing portfolio, which I’ve been chipping away on over the past two years and will be growing in the next months. So many lovely things to share with you all; I hope you find them enjoyable, especially as I start preparing myself to step out of this cocoon and into a wider artistic world.