It’s too good to be true!

Welp, tiny unexpected blog post to say that, due to a bunch of technical brouhaha, I’ve had to temporarily disable Stripe from the Big Cartel shop. Key word is temporary: I know how easy it is to shop with just your credit card, and I don’t want to inhibit your patronage. If anything, it’s a good problem to have: new Stripe account + tons of excited folks = funds indigestion, and I can’t get my disbursement. With money in limbo, I don’t even have the funds to actually ship anything, which just holds everything up. Bummerino for everyone!

However, once the first disbursement goes through, we should be off to the races, so while we wait, I’ve decided to hold a little incentive: between now and May 11, there will be free shipping on all small works and prints in the shop. No codes, either – you just pay what you would otherwise and check out via PayPal. Consider this my thank you for your courtesy and understanding during this inconvenience, and everything will be back to normal next week.

New work!

Why dress up what’s being presented: I’ve uploaded new work in the portfolio, which shows the breadth of discovery I’ve been undergoing this year. I’ll probably have a more thoughtful post on this later, but for now, you can see that I’m going beyond painting and into all sorts of weird twists and turns – sound work, performance, and explorations into alternative narrative. It also explains the little radio that keeps on popping up across platforms; Public Service Confessional is the newest of my works and, perhaps, the most exciting to me even a month after its presentation. I’ll write on it more in-depth later, but the blurb I have on its project page speaks well for itself at present.

Non-sequitur: the Big Cartel shop has been burning up with orders! Thank you to everyone who’s made a purchase to my humble little corner of the Internet thus far, and please feel free to pass along thoughts, delights, pleasures, etc. to your friends, my e-mail box, or wherever you may seem fit. It’s been such a wonderful experience to see what’s beloved and what isn’t thus far, and I hope that everyone’s purchases live up to their wildest dreams and delights. There’s something about selling work that puts a little spring in your step, so thank you very much for putting it there.

Less business and more pleasure next post – I’m thinking that I need to talk talismans again.

State of the Studio

It’s spring. I haven’t written in ages. I’m refusing to make a joke about it, especially as it pertains to the long Minnesotan winter, because I’ll be real: my second semester of grad school was crazy as all get out.

Some cool things that happened after my last missive:

  • I passed Mid-Program Review! Now I can move on to my second year of study. Wowza.
  • I was made a 2015 WorkART Kunstverein Fellow by the University of Minnesota’s Center for German and European Studies. This is a fancy way of saying that I’m going to go over to Schwerin, a lovely city in Germany, to learn how the staff there run the local kunstverein (essentially, a non-profit gallery). I’m really honored, excited, and slightly nervous for my journey, which will start in late May and will end in early July.
  • I’ve also netted some time to come visit New York shortly before I leave for Europe, which is p. rad all things considered.
  • In a not-so-grudging acknowledgement that all of the above cost money, I’ve opened up a Big Cartel shop to sell wares. I’m going small right now to see what sells and what doesn’t, but if it does well, I’ll start investing in a larger inventory. Tell your friends! Tell your empty living room that’s sad and grey! Tell your pocket book!
  • I’ve documented everything I’ve done this year, so next update is “wow, I made art for a year, now check my portfolio.” You heard it here first. But up above is a sneak peek, so not bad, eh?