New year, new blog.

Hi, everyone! Behold, my Christmas gift to myself: a portfolio facelift and a server move. (I know, I know: my heart’s racing too as I tell you of such scintillating news.) Although the last iteration of my portfolio was very lovely, with a semester of graduate school in the books and it felt like a new look might behoove this new chapter in my life. You know, like getting a haircut after a bad break-up or something, except instead of haircut it’s “new CSS” and we can go ahead and replace “bad break-up” with “wonderful yet challenging whirlwind of transformation after transformation.” (Not to get all uncharacteristically jubilant and starry-eyed about the entire production, but I rather like graduate school. Let that go on the record.)

Sadly, all blog posts from Ye Olde Studio Blog are not here, but I don’t think it’s necessarily for the worst. It’s only been within the past few months that I actually know what I want to talk about here, so it’s a bit of a celebration of clarity that I have this new, cleaner, tidier version of my content for the internet to enjoy. That’s really what this facelift is about: a tighter, denser, more controlled packaging of my practice as I start to pare down my foci. As anyone who has ever walked into my studio or has been in a critique of my work can attest, this is something I need to work on in the new year. Having a new canvas for the opportunity makes it all the easier.

So cheers – here’s to 2015. I’m excited to share it with you in all sorts of ways.

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