Essays and Writings

On Shaky Ground: Price Hikes, Public Image, and the IMA, Temporary Art Review [ESSAY]

"Once, I was six and my mother brushed my hair until it shone and buckled my best Mary Janes, and we went to the art museum. It was an autumn day and the sky was sharp, the drive from our rural home an epic journey to my wide little eyes. All filled with bright murals and parapets where they hid paintings of princesses, and I presumed the art museum was a palace for the masses. I remember one room that my mother so loved that she sat me down with strong, grave hands and told me to look at its contents for a little while.

"I knew nothing of Georges Seurat nor of his pointillism, but I knew about looking and thinking and building a place inside my mind, and so I set myself to task on that, my little legs swinging like metronomes. That lesson of looking, I later found out, built my foundation for making art."

In January 2015, I wrote an essay on the Indianapolis Museum of Art's decision to go from free admission to $18 adult admission and $10 children's, and how this subsequently affected the IMA's patronage, especially as it pertained to the low-income neighborhood that once visited the IMA with great frequency.

Hypervisible (Invisible), with Amber A. Newman [CATALOG]

"Hypervisible (Invisible) is a group show that contains the works of Leslie Barlow, Patience Lekien, John Matsunaga, and Amber Newman.

"Using a variety of disciplines, four artists will present work that is inquisitive in nature, and advocates for critical engagement in the social and racial discourses that continue to plague American society today. The artists each construct worlds where the tension between what is artificial and what is real seeks to deconstruct our current vocabulary and re-conceptualize the structures of authority, categorization, and the norm that are currently in place."

In December 2015, I was lucky enough to collaborate with Amber Newman to make the show catalog for Hypervisible (Invisible), an amazing four-person show concerning racial politics and identity that coincided with the Guerrilla Girls Takeover in the Twin Cities. Available for order on-demand at